Second Week Assignment: My First Gif Ever!

Before I go to school, I always watch a bit of television. One of my favorite shows to watch in the morning is “The Amazing World of Gumball” on Cartoon Network. This show is hilarious and very entertaining in my opinion. It is centered around the life of the two main characters – Gumball and Darwin. It has creative episodes about       their daily situations with people and life.

One morning, the episode called “The Others” literally made my day. It showed the awakening of Gumball’s mind that the school has other students beside his class. With that being said, I transformed this scene to reflect the first day of school. Gumball’s and Darwin’s facial expressions reflected on how students feel walking into classes and reading syllabuses. It characterizes that it is truly the end of summer! 🙁


Below is where the gif is embedded into the blog.( I think )

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