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The Internet

I love this video so much. The graphics they used are not your average music video. They tend to use visuals that does not match their songs. If you pay attention the video just started off with a galaxy layover, then as the video progressed the band is laying in a field, but it’s actually the old school Windows desktop wallpaper. This song is called “Girl” which was their debut song off their third album called Ego Death. The Internet is a band within Odd Future, who’s musical leader is Tyler, The Creator. They started off as teenagers who were slowly making a transition into adulthood, but they refused that life. They all came together and decided to express their feelings through music. Odd Future is considered the outcast kids, but now they have changed the image of being an outcast as something good.

I’ve been a fan of The Internet since I was in middle school going into high school. Gosh I sound so old lol!

Here’s the original video:

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