Week 1: Reading Response: Digital Storytelling Assignment

I looked at the Digital Storytelling section of the Fall 2015 syllabus. Two ideas that popped out at me were the mashups and animated gifs. I would love to incorporate funny moments in television  to create gifs. For the mashups I would love to use movies and current music to set the scene. I am not sure how to learn to make these storytelling techniques . However, there should be an app or program that creates it. :).

An example of digital storytelling that I love is this gif below. It accurately describes the moment the best slice of pizza enters your mouth for that satisfying first bite. Pizza is  hands down , super delicious. It is a wonderful junk food that oozes out happiness ,tomato sauce, and cheese.

Another digital storytelling technique I like are the mashups. The mashups on DS106 website were pretty cool. My favorite was when Captain Kirk reacted to Miley Cyrus’s VMA twerking . Their expressions were hilarious and the timing of both videos fit perfectly. The mashups look more difficult to do than the gifs. However, if I tried making a mashup video, it would be fun and creative to make.


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CT101 Digital Storytelling