Anime similarities, paying tribute or lack of originality

Nothing major. I just thought i’d share this side by side pic of two different animes with similar looks. These two animes are Dragon ball Z and Naruto, they are very popular throughout the world. I’m sharing this because even though they are very different, from two different companies, both share the same poses and attire. Either the new was inspired by the old or the author was lazy enough to not be original. I originally saw this on a Facebook page through a friend but forgot exactly who put it up, so i searched Google for the originals, multiple sites put it up but I got this.


Here is another one i found featuring the same two animes


  1. Lol. I never really focused on the poses until now. They sure are similar, it is nice to see that someone is paying attention.

  2. LMO. Well Dragon Ball did basically pioneered all of the anime and manga that came after it…….but still, they really did rip off that pose. Lol

  3. I know Dragon Ball Z inspired a lot of the current generation of manga creators so I’m not surprised that there are some allusions to it. Though the similarities between the destructo disk and Naruto’s upgraded rasengan are a bit much lol.

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