October where are you !!!!


This photo is a depiction of my favorite time of the year…..Halloween!!!. Every year Six Flags turns the regular amusement park into all out horror filled adventure filled with graveyards, people chasing you with chain saws, and more importantly the rides are amazing. This truly makes me happy because nothing is more fun then not knowing what going to happen next and whose right around the corner. Even though Halloween is about a month and a half away I can’t wait to see what Six Flags has up their sleves for this year festivities.  An for those who haven’t been to Six Flags Fright Fest, you should definitely go, trust me it’s an experience that would have you going back every year.  I found this post on Google.


  1. October is my fav month too. i would really like to go six flags during halloween week. thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I have never been to Fright Fest in Six Flags. From the way you describe it, it sounds extremely fun. If only I had “Fright Fest” money.

    1. Lol i like how @ZanyZavy said if only he had “Fright Fest” money lol. Ive always wanted to go to Fright Festas well ive had alot of opportunities but , never really went i might this year, however i dont know about being chased by a Chainsaw lol

  3. I’ve never been to Fright Fest , ive never been a fan of Halloween because for my birthday which is October 30th theres always a costume party or something going on… Nothing regular … But from the way you describe it …. Ive always been a fan of Six Flags so i might just have to try it out !!

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