A Usual Visit to The nail salon

Heres a video of a girl reenacting her experience at the nail salon. I decided to share this Facebook video with the class because almost all the females can relate to it. I think its really funny and everyone should watch it #nailsalonsbelike

2 thoughts on “A Usual Visit to The nail salon”

  1. This is Hilarious, especially because ive been a victim to this myself. They swear everything would be better for you , and only when you say yes is when they hit you with the add on prices, lol you end up leaving the salon spending way more than you intended lol. Thats there business strategy . Haha very funny. I like that alot of females can relate to this.

  2. Lmao…. I can sooo relate to this , they always want to add more on to what you originally asked for . I came in for a simple $20 pedicure and im leaving with a pedicure, a gel manicure and eyes brows done

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