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This is a picture of all the West Indian flags aka the Caribbean flags all put together. This picture makes me happy because, Labor Day weekend is coming up, which the special day is September 7th, 2015. Labor Day is celebrated yearly, on the first monday in september. This day is special to me because I am West Indian, it is my culture to celebrate this every year. This event is located in Brooklyn on Eastern Parkway. At this event you will see all the pretty costumes and over a thousand people with flags representing their country. Even people that are not West Indian still attend the event just for the fun. I found this picture on google. 


  1. Yaaass! Lol im West Indian as well, i was thinking about going on Eastern Parkway as well but its not as fun if you dont jump in with the masqueraders…i love this post, how you got majority of the flags in it, && not just yours i shows cultural diversity.

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