Week One Assignment: An Adorable Breakfast !

Let’s talk about mornings in New York City. The sun is shining and people finally get out of bed. .However, the loud roars and tumbles of the stomach is read for some breakfast. However, instead of settling for the basic breakfast , a little flair should be added!.

This week on Facebook, I was scrolling down on the “Winnie the Pooh” page. I found a video on upgrading pancakes the Disney way. The original video is from Youtube.  The person uses pancake batter to create personalized Disney pancakes. The shapes were Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh , it looked adorably delicious.! . I wanted to share it because

  • basic breakfast can’t live up to this cute pancake duo and decor 🙂
  • I love Disney and the Winnie the Pooh franchise!
  • It’s always great to try new designs and ways to add creativity into your meals. Even if it’s not Disney related but this video is an example.

For the Second Part of the Assignment

I looked at the Digital Storytelling section of the Fall 2015 syllabus. Two ideas that popped out at me were the mashups and animated gifs. I would love to incorporate funny moments in television  to create gifs. For the mashups I would love to use movies and current music to set the scene. I am not sure how to learn to make these storytelling techniques . However, there should be an app or program that creates it. :).

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