My Sights and Sounds

My favorite type of music to listen to is EDM (electronic dance music) and the most recent artist that I have came across within that genre is Mitis. He has a classical piano background and he uses those skills to produce melodic styled music. This is one of my favorite songs that he is produced and posted on SoundCloud (a site where people post their own sounds from soundtracks to acapellas), Touch. 

One of the things that I like to watch on the massive site, Youtube, are the humorous Cyanide & Happiness Shorts. These are well done animations that tell jokes that may be suitable for children (it depends on what you want your kids to be exposed to). Judging by this particular one, “It’s Not What It Looks Like”, they might not even get it. Long story short, it is about a wife coming home and finding her husband in bed with another woman, or is it another woman?

When I am bored and I want some inspiration I lurk on DeviantArt. If you do not know what DeviantArt is, here is the explanation: “DeviantArt is an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork.” quoted from Google. Here we have a lovely picture, “Harley Suicide Squad”, of the notorious Harley Quinn. Her style of clothing was inspired by the upcoming movie the Suicide Squad. The artist behind this masterpiece is a guy who goes by the name Artgerm. He has a lot of original art that I personally think is by far the best when it comes to human body.

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