End of The Summer

hey everyone! Hope summer treated you all really well. I’ve been pretty busy balancing two jobs and attempting to go out with friends and stuff thus the reason why I’ve barely been posting on my site. I start school in a few hours so I’m going to be really busy considering the fact that I’m going to keep both my jobs while being a full time student. Although I didn’t really go on an extravangant vacation this summer I still had a great time and completed everything on my bucket list. I went to Philadelphia to try a actual philly cheese steak, saw the statue of Rocky, and saw the liberty bell. I also spent some time in Pennsylvania for a weekend with my family, went to Six Flags once, went to the beach once, went to Coney Island once, went to the pool a bunch of times(thank god), went to a Mets game as well as a Brooklyn Cyclones game, pretty upset that I didn’t go to any concerts but shit happens. I can’t remember amything else interesting that happened this summer but I’m honestly thankful for every moment of it before the craziness thats going to be going back to school. Hope everyone survives their first day back to school and may the odds be in your favor

By jerrythemiah

Junior in college. NYC. 22. Studio Art and Journalism Major.Puerto Rican

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