Although I had my doubts I was very surprised to actually enjoy watching this movie. After, the major let down of Avengers: Age of Ultron, I was beginning to believe that Marvel had finally hit a pit stop in their successful movie franchises. Where Age of Ultron lacked in story, Ant-Man had an interesting modern day heist story as well as having comedic support characters. The Hank Pym and Scott Lang relationship was handeled perfectly which was something OG Marvel fans feared would ruin the movie. One scene I particulary liked in the movie(Minor Spoiler)  was the fight scene between Ant-Man and The Falcon which slightly hints what we might expect to see in next years Captain America: Civil War. If you havent watched Ant-Man yet I highly recommend it!

By jerrythemiah

Junior in college. NYC. 22. Studio Art and Journalism Major.Puerto Rican

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