Hannibal Season 3 Ep 4 Aperitivo

Ah, Aperitivo. Also known as the episode where Chilton and Alana get shit done, while Will mopes about Hannibal, Jack and Bella make everyone cry, and Mason Verger does his best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle impression.

But before we get to any of that stuff, let’s start out in Chilton’s face wound because that is a thing that is not only normal on this show, but is a recurring motif in this episode.

While we follow the trajectory of the bullet that went through Chiton’s face, we hear Chilton talking to Mason Verger about how everyone who has crossed paths with Hannibal has lost something.


It seems that Mason is looking for a psychiatrist, ostensibly to look after his “emotional wellbeing,” but kind of really to encourage and enable his revenge feels.

To establish a level of trust, they show each other their Hannibal-inflicted wounds, which involves Chilton removing a contact lens, wiping off the makeup covering his bullet hole, and removing a metal face plate.

Not to make light of Chilton’s wounds, but he got off kind of easy all things considered. I mean, our morning routines are basically the same except I have to put two contact lenses in each morning. My life is so difficult, guys.

It turns out Mason has put out a $1 million reward for any information concerning Hannibal, Chilton expresses a little too much interest in knowing what Mason will do once he has Hannibal in his clutches, and Mason changes his mind about employing Chilton.

Maybe wait until the second date to show off your metal faceplate, Chilton?


The next scene opens in, you guessed it, Will’s intestines. We’re back inMizumono, which shouldn’t be surprising since we’ve long established that the last ten minutes of Mizumono is to Season 3 what dead Garrett Jacob Hobbs was to Season 1, that is, omnipresent and ever ready to torture Will Graham.

But at least they’re committed to showing us Mizumono from different viewpoints. For instance, the viewpoint of Will’s intestines. Next episode, I fully expect us to be viewing this scene from the POV of a molecule.

After the flashback, Will once again awakens in the hospital, but instead of Abighost visiting him, it’s Chilton bearing flowers and unrequited friendship advances

Chilton tells Will that he has empathy for him because they were both eviscerated and accused.


Unfortunately, Chilton doesn’t realize that there is more to empathy than declaring that you have it. Also unfortunately, Chilton and Will don’t bond by showing each other their tummy scars, leaving everyone with a profound sense of loss.

Chilton points out that Will needs a friend, but Will doesn’t care about Chilton’s shitty friendship overtures: “There’s no opportunity here, Frederick. Not for you.”


Oh no, Chilton looks genuinely saddened by these words. And he even went through the trouble of wearing a plaid shirt for Will. Oh well, maybe his next overture will go over better?

“This is your best possible world, Will. Not getting another one.” Chilton says as he leaves, while Will makes his best grumpy cat impression.


Next, we get a trip into Will’s memory palace/ theater, where an alternate timeline of the Red Dinner plays out. We know this is an alternate timeline because primary-timeline!Will literally separates from memory-palace-timeline!Will.


I called it in my Primavera recap! Will is actually twins. Go home everyone. I figured it out!

Will and Hannibal sit down to dinner with Jack, and Hannibal proceeds to slice Jack’s throat, while Will holds Jack down. Despite its brutality, this scene never fails to make me laugh. I think its the combination of the opera music, the slow motion, and Jack’s face that makes this scene one of the most overly dramatic, overblown scenes in the episode.


We cut to Will building his boat, while Jack comes to visit him. Turns out this is the first time they’ve talked since the Mizumono debacle. Jack wants to make sure that Will doesn’t “contradict the official narrative,” that they all went in to apprehend Hannibal honorably, dutifully, AND ACCORDING TO ALL PROPER FBI PROCEDURES PROBABLY DEFINITELY.

Jack somehow knows that Will called Hannibal that night. Will tells him that he hadn’t decided what to do when he picked up the phone, that he decided when he heard Hannibal’s voice:

“I told him to leave because I wanted him to run… because he was my friend, and because I wanted to run away with him.”


Don’t be too hard on him, Jack! Haven’t you ever had one of those friendships that started out really, really great, and you had tons of things in common you really just GOT each other, and then you found out that sometimes they killed and ate people, but you had so much in common that you decided to overlook this minor detail, and then when the FBI came for them you called to warn them ahead of time, endangering all of your other friends, on the off chance that you could run away with said friend and start a new friend-life, ideally with your mutual friend-daughter (but that part’s a bonus not a requirement)? No? Just me then?

No wonder Will is rejecting everyone’s offers of empathy, though. There’s really no way anyone knows what the hell he’s feeling right now.

Next scene, Mizumono but from the viewpoint of Alana’s spinal cord!


Alana is in the hospital hooked up to a contraption that maybe is to keep her spine in place, but could just as easily be a futuristic machine designed to assemble an Alana android. I’m not a doctor, so I’m going with the latter.


Chilton visits Alana. He proceeds to be the shittiest visitor of an invalid in the history of the world. He points out that he told her this would happen, and insinuates that all her injuries were her fault: “You got yourself to the window, Dr. Bloom, if not through it.”

Alana Bloom Version 2.0, now fully equipped with a sense of humor so dry it singlehandedly caused California’s drought, has zero fucks to give. When Chilton alludes to all of Hannibal’s victims getting together for a little group therapy, she says, “There’s only one ‘we’ you’re really interested in, and that ‘we’ isn’t really interested in you.”


At this point, doesn’t it kind of feel like Will and Hannibal are part of some exclusive mean girls clique that goes around stabbing people in the neck and rejecting outside offers of friendship? They can even accurately call themselves the Plastics in honor of Hannibal’s murder suit.

Chilton points out that Will hasn’t had his breakthrough yet, that he’s saving his breakthrough for Dr. Lecter.


Gross, Chilton. Gross.

“It is only a matter of time before they are back in each other’s orbit,” Chilton says, “Shame not to have the good seats, of only to support poor Will.”

“That would require some manipulation,” Alana says in her new evil mastermind voice that comes with the android upgrade (I presume).

Next scene, Alana 2.0 is out of the hospital, wheelchair-bound, and looking for Will at Hannibal’s house.

When Will realizes that Alana is present, he says that he’s there visiting friends, and that he’s building rooms in his memory palace for all his friends.


Will says “all his friends,” but like how many friends does he have at the moment, especially since he’s rejecting friendship advances left and right? I’m imagining a tiny little house with a room for Hannibal and one for Abigail. Not exactly a palace. Okay, the dogs can each have their own room. Fine.

“Friendship is blackmail elevated to the level of love,” Alana says.

“A mutual pact to ignore the worst in one another in order to enjoy the best,” Will continues.

Welp, this is the bleakest view of friendship I ever did hear. I can always count on Hannibal to make me feel good about my own interpersonal relationships.

After Alana asks if Will can still ignore the worst in Hannibal, Will bluntly says, “I came here to be alone, Alana. If you wouldn’t mind.”


Besides being members of a mean girls clique, it is also apparent that Hannibal and Will are currently in their emo “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME WAH” phases, while everyone around them is like “Geez, when is this guy gonna grow out of his awkward teen phase and do something productive with his life?”


Next scene, Alana 2.0 rolls up to the Verger estate in her huge gas-guzzling car.


She enters in through the stables and finds Margot Verger just arriving back from a horse ride. Alana wasn’t sure if this was the correct entrance, but…

“This can be your entrance,” Margot assures her. “It isn’t easy to find the first time you come.”


Margot takes Alana to Mason, and the two of them talk about faith and religion. Mason assures her that “this is not a revenge thing” and that he has forgiven Dr. Lecter.

Cue dramatic zoom on Alana: “Forgiveness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Mr. Verger. I don’t need religion to appreciate the idea of Old Testament revenge.”


And now it’s Jack’s turn to relive Mizumono! Instead of waking up to the sight of Chilton with flowers, though, he wakes up holding hands with Bella in the hospital bed right next to his. Bless whatever nurse or doctor had the foresight to put them in the same room together.

They talk about death. Jack is convinced that he died, while Bella isn’t afraid of dying, but Jack can do something that she can’t, “you can cut out what’s killing you.”

Later, Chilton visits Jack at his office at the BAU, where Jack is packing up his things. He’s being forced into retirement due to a “lack of resources”: “Terrorists are more frightening than psychopaths.” (But what about psychopathic terrorists, Jack?? What about those??)

“Not to me,” Chilton snorts (preach it, brother). Jack points out that Chilton copyrighted “Hannibal the Cannibal” right after he got shot in the face.


Chilton tells Jack that he’s alive because he didn’t pull the piece of glass from his neck, and Will is alive because Dr. Lecter likes him that way.

“Maybe it’s one of those friendships that ends with the disemboweling,” Jack says. AND WE’VE ALL HAD THOSE FRIENDSHIPS, RIGHT, GUYS? No? Just me again? Damn.

Chilton points out that this is basically flirtation for the two of them. If a Colombian necktie is a psychopath’s version of flowers and chocolate before the first date, then what is disembowelment? Second base? Third base? Nice.

But Jack isn’t biting. He insists that he’s let it all go. Will, Hannibal, he’s let go of everything.


Chilton tells Jack that he’s basically letting Hannibal have Will “hook, line, and sinker,” but Jack has bigger things to worry about than Will Graham’s soul [Insert sole/ fish joke here].

Jack goes back home to Bella. Jack gives Bella an overdose of her meds to relieve her suffering. It’s a sad callback to Takiawase, when Hannibal brought her back from death using a dosed syringe, an act than could be considered cruel rather than merciful.

I don’t have much to say about this scene through all the tears, except for a friendly reminder that the show can effectively go from this:


to this:


without skipping an emotional beat, and I think that’s beautiful.

There’s then a scene that seamlessly merges Jack and Bella’s wedding with Bella’s funeral. Everything is touching and beautiful and sad until Hannibal Lecter sticks his cannibal nose where it doesn’t belong and ruins the mood. That’s right, Hannibal sends Jack a sympathy card and some flowers.


There is a time and a place, Hannibal.

While Jack is reading the letter, Will joins him and sits in the pew behind him. Jack talks about how he knew Bella’s death was coming, but it still hurt. “I know what’s coming for you, Will,” Jack tells him. “You don’t have to die on me too.” He then gets up to leave, and hands Will Hannibal’s letter as he goes.

Next scene, Mason is getting a facial massage from Cordell, his personal feeder and facial masseuse?? Full disclosure, I’ve only read Red Dragon, so I’m unfamiliar with Cordell’s character.

Supposedly he does things other than give facial massages, though, because Mason asks him to arrange for Dr. Hannibal Lecter to be eaten alive and Cordell is like “Psh, easy. I do shit like this ALL DA TIME. How you want him prepared?

“Oh, Cordell. If I had lips I would smile,” Mason says. Mason pls.

Later, after a surgery scene that leaves Mason only marginally easier to look at…


…he talks to Alana, whom it seems he hired to be his psychiatrist/ revenge-fantasy enabler. Alana tells Mason that Hannibal is a man of particular tastes (so to speak) and that he would thus be relatively easy to find.

Just follow the trail of tears, regret, and human limbs he left behind, guys! You’ll find him in no time. (Also, check the train station security cameras).

Mason asks Alana how he found her in his pocket. “You’re preparing the theater of Hannibal’s death,” she replies. “I’m just doing my part to get him to the stage.” Hell yeah.

An undisclosed amount of time later, Jack pulls up to Will’s house to find Will gone and Alana alone with Will’s dogs.


Alana tells Jack that Will is already gone. “Will knows what he has to do? Do you?”

It appears that what Will has to do is use the boat that he built with his own two hands to sail across the Atlantic to find Hannibal. Is this even possible? Now, I did this research so you wouldn’t have to. However, in the course of my research I encountered sailing terms such as chines, ketch rig, and twistlerig, which I’m convinced are made up, so I promptly discarded my research. You ask if this is a possible feat with only a one person crew? My definitive answer: Eh, probably.

Rating: 9/20

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