WHAT I LEARNED IN BOATING SCHOOL IS (Final Post W/ Screencast tour)

Do I plan to keep my account with reclaim hosting?

I mean it is up in the air; but I am leaning towards a “no.” It is fun and all but blogging is not really my thing. Not regretting that I learned it though, I can see why people enjoy it! But personally, I cannot enjoy it as much as others might. I honestly like my domain name. I might use it for something else. I never really noticed how nice my first and middle name went with one another. I will most likely us is for tumblr or something of the sort.

After this class,  I do understand the importance of a ‘Domain of One’s Own.’ What I enjoyed about blogging is that I was able to express myself in any which way I wanted. as opposed to set assignments given. It made me more interested in blogging. And that is where the importance lies; in the purpose of your domain. Being able to express your purpose or mission and sharing that is inspiring for others. It shares an idea, that idea spreads. It’s great being able to have that “power.”

What I learned in Ct101 is blankty blank blank…just kidding. I focused more on Photoshop and audio projects from DS106. It was fun using Photoshop. That’s my favorite part. I learned how to use Audacity. By the way, you should go check out my audio projects on my site!

Well that’s all CT!


Screencast Tour for my site


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