So the season finale of the Flash aired on Tuesday (May 19th) and it answered a lot of questions as well as bring about some new ones.


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While traveling through the Speed Force Barry sees glimpses of the past, present, and future in which he sees Caitlin as Killer Frost. Did Caitlin get effected by the Particle Accelerator? Does she gain her ice powers some time in the near or distant future? Will her and Ronnie(Firestorm) remain a married couple? Will she exactly be a villain?

2. Is Cisco finally turning into Vibe?

Similar to Caitlin, fans of  DC Comics knew that Cisco Ramon was destined to become Justice League member Vibe. After revealing to Harrison Wells that he still contained memories of dying at  Wells’ hand in a alternate timeline, Wells seemed to find it amusing that Cisco was able to remember such a particular event revealing that Cisco may had been effected by the Particle Accelerator all along.

3. Does the entire series(including Arrow) take place in an alternate timeline???

So the series starts off with The Reverse Flash(Eobard Thawne[undercover as Dr. Wells for the remainder of the series]) traveling back in time to kill Barry Allen(The Flash) as a child. The Reverse Flash’s plan gets foiled when The Flash(from the same timeline as Reverse Flash) stops him. Reverse Flash instead kills Barry’s mother which sets off a whole different chain of events. The effects of altering time takes place in another episode of The Flash so does this mean that the entire series takes place in a time Paradox?

4. Legends of Tomorrow

So at the end of the episode The Flash runs into the black hole but before he does glimpses of Captain Cold and a young woman(Hawkgirl) stare at the sky. From what we understand about CW’s upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow, it will focus a little bit on time travel. Does the actions of the Flash season finale set up for that series?

5. Is The Reverse Flash really dead?

After The Flash prevents The Reverse Flash from returning to his own time, the two speedsters duke it out in Star Labs. The Reverse Flash gains the upper hand and threatens to kill everyone The Flash loves until Eddie Thawne( The Reverse Flash distant relative) shoots himself in the chest. His sacrifice eliminates The Reverse Flash from existence. But is The Flash’s arch-nemesis and greatest adversary truly gone?

6. Last but not least, Will Season Two bring about Jay Garrik and Earth 2?’

So before The Reverse Flash tries to make an exit to return to his own timeline a helmet pops out of the wormhole The Flash goes through to go back in time. The Reverse Flash seemed frightened by it. The helmet belongs to another version of The Flash(Jay Garrik) in a different timeline. Does this suggest that The Reverse Flash battled other versions of The Flash in different timelines and reality and will we see more of the other Flashes in season 2?


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