The Final Reflection: Where Are We Now?


I really enjoyed the experience in this class.

The autonomy allowed to students was a very unique, and not an experience I’ve had too many times in college courses. I will address now  a few things important and my general reaction to the CT101 course.

Firstly, the professors were awesome! Prof. Smith, and the other staff members were more than available to address any concerns students could have had regarding troubleshooting, project assemblage, and inspiration. I loved how the DS106 site was open-sourced for us to stimulate our creativity from. Genuinely, this team students were working alongside had so many resources to their disposal to make their time in the course worthwhile. Additionally, we were always redirected to sites and programs which would supplement our abilities and presentation.

This course took a very unconventional route, so I think there was room for a lecture class where more student on student engagement occurred. I think everyone had fun composing the Foley project, and it would have been nice to meet other students in the class through tasks like that, in person. Also, Kevin was really helpful when I had questions for him, so maybe he could have conducted a small portion of a class lesson and taught us a cool skill, or perhaps another CT Major.

Overall my time in class the productivity wasn’t as high as it should have been, with outside class time being limited. But, every opportunity was made available, so two:

On to reflecting on my personal website.

I’m not sure if I have had the greatest time with the layout I’d chosen, which had began with “Gray Chalk”. But it was lame, and wouldn’t allow me to feed directly to the CT website, so I took the site in a different direction. But this wasn’t a positive thing to start out with because the premise or thematic appeal of the site was focused around the “Gray Chalk” theme.

I don’t think I’m going to hold on to this domain name because I’m a very theme oriented person, and I feel this one has ran it’s course.

What I wanted to get out of this course was an easy way to incorporate technology and education as a means to benefit my future classroom, and I accomplished that to some degree. I have some of ideas on how to make it work effectively, and gear it towards a target audience rather than talking to the internet. Which is what I felt like in parts of this semester.

As far as citizenship of the internet and my stance upon it…I’m not exactly sure. The internet, and this class, is probably the best psychiatrist ever, because you can literally say anything in confidentiality.

So Where Are We Now, at a point where we can either fully invest ourselves within the communal internet, or still do things our own way.

CT101 Digital Storytelling