Final Reflection Review

This class was Amazing
My classmates were engaging and really helpful.

My professor was informative and addressed the student’s concerns.  We were encouraged to express our creativity and think of different ways to express our passions.

The students came up with different ideas to help each other enhance our sites.  We were directed to sites that helped enhance our site. (I.e. gif websites, articles )

The course was very unconventional. Professors allowed us to create the syllabus. This helped make our experience in the class more enjoyable and easier to be apart of. My favorite project was the Foley project. Being able to create different sounds with objects we found in the building was interesting. We were able to be imaginative in the project.

Overall, the class was really fun. I wish I was more active in the class. But I’m grateful what I’ve learned in the class

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CT101 Digital Storytelling