Farewell C.T.101

Although this may be my final post on the C.T.101 website this is definitely not going to be my final post for my website. This class was different from most other course I’ve taken and I have definitely learned a lot from from it. Not only did we pretty much get full creative freedom to explore different mediums of the web but we also learned a lot about the foundations of the web as well as about web culture as a whole. I plan on keeping my account as well as my domain name with Reclaim Hosting. I really like the idea of having my own space on the internet. Im a C.T major concentrating in web design so I think that it would be a great idea to use my website to start to build my online portfolio. I really like my domain name but I’m still debating weather I should change it or not when time comes to renew the account. There is great importance to having a domain of one’s own, it’s your own personal space on the web that allows you to express yourself and create your own online persona. Creating an online identity whether it be through social media, or through your own website like we had to do for this class is something I would  recommend to everyone. This class was an enriching and really fun experience I feel like I walked away with more knowledge about the web and how it works. Farewell my fellow C.T.101 classmates!

CT101 Digital Storytelling