Art Show Project

For those that missed the Art show last week, IT WAS AWESOME! I’m so proud of everyone! Everyones project came out so cool . It was far from easy but we made it work. The project I created was an animated Twister board spinner, which uses an LED strip and a motor . Here is a link to my other blog if you wanted to know more details

I originally wanted to only use the Lights but the code we would have to come up with was a little advanced with the amount of tie we had.( P.S. if you take a class like this and want to do an advanced project,please start very early or you’ll be losing some precious sleep and forgetting that you have a class to wake up for :( ). Even though we had some issues with the code and getting the lights to stop, I believe we still pulled through. Heres a video of students playing  twister!

CT101 Digital Storytelling