It is the End of the Beginning

In the words of my professor GOOGLE IT but no I admit I actually went to a good friend for help who is in the same class to do a tutorial on my final blog post. With allergy season among us I feel like crap and my voice sounds like it. So with the help of that dear friend and Tiny Take I was able to create this last blog post for my CT class final but not my blog.

My website is a collection of what I have done in my CT 101 class this spring semester.

CT 101 Digital Storytelling End of Semester Blog/Site Check-in

Site Name: Lay

Customizations made, check and respond to all that apply

Custom tagline

Give your domain name and describe how and if it relates to your site title: My domain name is and my site title is Lay. This domain name relates to my site title because laylosa is my first name pronounced and ennovy is my middle name Yvonne spelled backwards.

Name of Site Theme:  Panaroma by SKT themes

Customizations made, check and respond to all that apply

For my header I put my sites name and custom tagline, as well as a custom menu, and a custom background image.


Site Layout: If you have a custom header, background, and/or homepage describe the choices you made and why:The layout for my website is eye catching and is virtually appealing. I used this theme because I really liked the way it looked though I’m still discovering it’s many functions. On the bottom of my webpage I have Follow Us which leads blog viewers to my Facebook, Twitter and Google account. I want to change it to my header when I figure out how. 

Pages:Describe the Title and purpose for each page on your site: About Me, Radio/TV Pieces (SoundCloud, YouTube), K-Pop, Everyday Life GIFs

Page 1 Radio/TV Pieces 


Dedicated to my radio pieces and TV pieces that I produced and directed myself. It send’s blog visitors to my SoundCloud and YouTube account so that they can view my work. 

Page 2 K-Pop

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As a fan of Korean pop music since 2009 my love for their culture has grown. This page is dedicated to my love for everything Korean. From the music, dramas/movies/variety shows, food and Korean fans reviews.

Page 3 Everyday Life in GIF’s


Events that happens to me on a daily basis that sometimes surprise me and sometimes they don’t. Gif’s that I have created and some I haven’t will be used to express my viewpoints and opinions. 

Menu/Navigation: The navigation menu is front and center when you enter my blog. They are placed vertically and there are photos along with titles to send you to the page of your choice. 

Sidebars/Custom Features: What content do you have in sidebars? How did you choose? Do you have other custom features to your theme, such as custom homepage with a slider, and/or featured images for posts, etc. How are you using these theme customization’s?

I have a left side bar with my recent blog posts for that month. Also categories are there with a drop down list so you can easily click any of my blog posts. I choose the left side bar based on where I believe the eyes first look when they enter any website. For me personally I always look to the left. I am looking to add featured images for each posts to add life to the each page because before you click on the post the page looks too dull for my liking. 



Plugins: List each installed and activated plugin in your site. Describe its purpose and how it is being used:

Plugin 1: Akismet –  The best way to protect my blog from comment and trackback spam.

Plugin 2: Clef – Allows me to log in and register on my WordPress site using only my phone – even if I forgot my usernames and passwords.

Plugin 3: Cookies for Comments – It sets a cookie that most exist for a comment to be allowed through.

Plugin 4 : Limit Login Attempts – Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP.

Plugin 5: WordPress Importer – Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file. 

Categories: List each category and how it is being used:

Category 1 – Radio TV/Pieces: directs viewers to my soundcloud account to view my radio and tv pieces. 

Category 2 – K-Pop: Korean pop based GIFs that I want to learn into GIF stories

Category 3 – Everyday Life GIFs: Events that happen to me while adding GIFs to them to give the story life.

Tags: List up to ten tags you have used for posts (separate by commas): Girls’ Generation, K-POP, SNSD, SOSHI, The Mindy Project, Dr. Lahiri, Mindy Kaling, Queens, New York City, NYC

Widgets: List any widgets you have installed/customized on your site and how you’ve used them:

Widget 1: Blog Sidebar – the sidebar hosts my 3 categories ( K-pop, TV, and My NYC Life) , recent posts and tags that I have created for each blog post..

Final Thoughts: Describe any other aspects about the customization of your site not covered that you’d like to write about: The future of my site I definitely plan to continue using it I will probably change my domain name to something easier so when I tell people where to go it will be easier for them. Maybe my initials and then work on a more creative site name because Lay isn’t really cutting it for me plus I don’t want people getting confused with the chips. I want to learn how to customize it more and make it popular I know I will have to market myself to make that possible. I want to figure out how to use some of the customization tools and sample different themes. I’m not completely sold my current theme though I like I want to love it and be proud of it. I do love having my own domain name it’s something I can call my own. Creating GIF’s was by far my favorite and incorporating the gifs in my personal stories was even more liberating. 


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