This is it…

The beginning of the end.

It has been so wonderful building my work for the past four months. Before coming into this class, I already knew that I would enjoy having my own website. I just knew that once I got my feet wet and had someone to guide and push me (thank you Prof. Seslow), I know I will be able to navigate through it by myself and actually have fun with it, which I did.

I had TONS of fun creating my first blog post here on the CT 101 website and transitioning into creating my own domain. Hallelujah I get one more year to do whatever I want with my website FOR FREE! Even though I’m not as tech savvy as the other students, I am pretty confident I was able to achieve the type of content quality I was aiming for this semester. It definitely helped that we were able to provide feedback to fellow digital storytellers, and the few compliments I received on my website’s appearance motivated me even more to work harder and maintain its pleasant image.

Some difficulty I had was inserting widgets on my homepage and I spent about half a class time figuring it out with Professor Seslow by installing a bunch of plugins. But in the end I was able to figure it all out by myself and did not give up until I achieved the results I wanted. And turns out, it was A LOT easier than I thought it would be! I talk about it in a separate post on my website 🙂

Overall, this was a great learning experience for me. I realized that I actually have the patience to do endless revisions until I perfect my work. This class definitely allowed me to express my creativity and my fondness for writing. I’m honestly sad this semester has ended but I do know that I’ll be carrying on the lessons I’ve learned from this class and apply it on my future digital story projects.


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