Final Post! Hasta La Vista CT 101

Well my fellow bloggers…..Seems as if this interesting journey that has been known as CT 101 has come to an end. However, my new found knowledge of what it truly means to be a digital storyteller will live on.


When I first entered this class, I did not know what to expect as far what the class was about. After going over the syllabus and course requirements, I was very pleased because my main interests consists of creating forms of digital media (audio,video,web,etc.) Being a computer savvy person, I felt that this was a great class to take. Also, because I am a CT major, I had no choice either way. I must admit that I was concerned about the freedom we were given as a class. Although it is less stressful, too much freedom can result in laziness and slacking in getting work done. Luckily, The CT 101 weekly check in was created mid semester as reminder to submit blog posts . Otherwise, it would have been difficult to keep up with class activities and submitting my work on time. The best parts of the class were completing digital storytelling projects and creating my own website because I was able to showcase my personality and creative talents to the world. I believe that the objective of this class describes everything that I want to accomplish as a career and shows how internet media plays a huge part in our society. Overall, this class was an awesome experience and I plan to expand with what I have learned through my website. It’s been real!




By pandagirlswag

20. Aspiring Music Producer/Entertainer. College Junior majoring in Coummunications Tech at York

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CT101 Digital Storytelling