End of the Road

In the words of the LostProphetsWill we make a mark this time? Will we always say we tried”? I know I tried to do this post by Sunday but between finals week creeping up on me. I completely lost track of time not that my mind was elsewhere but it was drained with trying to remembering all this useless information I will probably forget when the end of the term hits. I did have fun in this class I will admit and I will continue this blog to the best of my abilities and try to market myself more on this wide world web that has become some people’s lives. For now I will keep my account with Reclaim Hosting active along with my domain name. I will keep the domain name and map it to a service like Tumblr and if I can Instagram because I’m on that site all the time.

I love having my own domain name it’s something I can call my own and as time goes by I can be proud of the site. Creating GIF’s was by far my favorite and incorporating the gifs in my personal stories was even more liberating.  I will probably focus more on my love for the Korean culture.

From the addictive music ….

to the addicting dramas….

hilarious variety shows….

and of course the yummy food

Goodbye everyone enjoy your summer try to relax and party

for those who are graduating I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

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