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This is it!

My final post here in CT 101! Now as I reflect on some of the things I discovered and encountered in this class I can say that I’m surprised. To be honest going into to this class I didn’t expect much at all. In retrospect I would say this course was a blessing in disguise.

This course made me look at the internet in a brand new way. I say that because we have so much at our disposal that we never even try to unlock. Just being able to express myself and my interests to people on WordPress felt great. The ds106 assignments was a great way to be creative in ways I didn’t think of. I would say the animated GIF assignments were most helpful. Just from experience and observation form other classmates I’m sure they would agree too. Making GIFs whether is be about how we felt or what we that was cool made me realize how in tuned we could relate to things.

Being able to embrace the opportunity to tell a story on so many different types on mediums made me feel confident about myself.


CT101 Digital Storytelling