A Look Back At This Semester

This semester by far was the most eventful I’ve ever experienced my entire time as a college student. I met some amazing people since I first stepped in my Intro to Journalism class( shout to Kat!!!!!). In this one semester I’ve been on two vacations and experienced 2 failed relationships(shit happens).

The first trip was to Las Vegas for my friends 21st birthday and we also made a trip to California




My second trip was to Puerto Rico where I went on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands

cruise barbados batman game monkeyBut one experience I will never forget from this semester was creating this website. Ever since I’ve made this site I’ve gotten a lot of support from friends and I’ve even made a few fans from around the globe who really like my art work(will post more I promise!) and the events that occur in my 



By jerrythemiah

Junior in college. NYC. 22. Studio Art and Journalism Major.Puerto Rican

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