Final Blog Reflection Post

Well another semester has come and gone for me, but it’s time to reflect on the semester. This semester has been rather hectic for me due to my anxiety and condition, which I’m going to have to send documents to the disability office for. CT101 is one of the classes I took since it’s a class I have never heard of before. The class itself really interested me and actually got me into creating my own website which I’ve tried before but gave up on, using Wix never worked either. WordPress was something I have never really heard about until I took the class, and might I say it’s a lot easier to use and not messy like Wix. I had fun fooling around with the my website, and was able to add a proper working music player that doesn’t take up majority of page!

As form y future plans for the website, it’s probably going to be a place where I can vent and post some of my photography work and creative ideas. Since I want to do photography, script writing, acting, filming, music production, and video editing I want to have a place where I can have all my work. So that means that I will be keeping my account on Reclaim Hosting active and keeping my very unique domain name. I won’t really put it on Tumblr since I don’t want to be running three different blogs at the same time, two is enough for me. My domain name is probably the one I consider most you unique because come on, who i nthe world drinks dish water? Pretty disgusting, although I’m not saying I drank dish water, it’s just something that would catch people’s attention. Not to mention that I tend to come up with weird names, like look at my tumblr and instagram.. Although I am not sharing those.~ It defines who I am through the words and will make other remember the name, it’s something you don’t say on every website, and the combination of these words activates curiousity.. well to me that is.~

Overall I’m bglad I was able to attend the class and learn more about website building, and I hope to keep using my website as a place to store my work and show off to future employers!

CT101 Digital Storytelling