Competitive Gaming Is Where It’s At

So I went on PBSOffBook youtube channel to search for another video and I came by ANOTHER interesting one. You know I’m one for interesting videos that catch my attention and make me want to watch it. The video I watched is called ”The Rise Of Competitive Gaming & E-Sports”, and it’s pretty much about the exposure competitive gaming is getting in this generation. Many people would see it as something for children or people who have pathetic lives who have no girlfriend and are total geeks. I can tell you that’s a big mis-conception, I have been to tournaments and competed in a few small ones. There are people from various ethnicities, religions, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and groups who attend these tournaments. It’s quite the experience meeting these people who have love for the same game as you and would actually like to play a match. I’m more of a person who leans to fighting games for competition, the games I play are Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, Naruto: Clash Of Ninja, Under In-Birth Late Night: Exe, Tekken, King Of Fighters, Persona 4 Arena, and Dead Or Alive. I’m more skilled in Persona 4 Arena, my main being Elizabeth. A character who’s considered Low tier but I have played with her enough to learn how to use her instant kills properly and trick my opponents to just about any trap.

One of the things in the videos that stood out to me was them ention of feamles not barely being in tournaments. I have seen plenty of females who have attended tournaments and actually had fun witohut any harassment or sexism going on. I don’t know if it’s just New York because I’ve only been in tournamnets within  New York. I know there are those little idiot guys who say girls can’t play videogames, are fake gamers, only in for attention, and/or tell them to go make them a sandwich. It gets really annoying to hear and makes me want to fling my controller at them. Every time I hear the word gamer, I always think that Hideo Kojima secretly delays the next Snatcher game by 3 years. Yeah, the gamer word is pretty much an annoying word to many people. (Sadly Hideo Kojima is probably done making games.. We’ll miss you Kojima-san! Screw you, Konami.) Anyways, I hope that competitive gaming gets more andm ore exposure around the world and destroy all the mis-conceptions majority of the people outside of it have. I also hope to actually make it pass round 4 in a tournament one day..

And here’s some Elizabeth.~

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