Cosplaying Is An Experience

You know the drill here, I went on the reading list, clicked the PBS Videos link and scrolled around to see more of what they uploaded. Their videos are pretty great to watch! One that caught my attention was this specific video called ”Cosplay Changes Lives”. I am one of those people who really wants to cosplay, I’m actually prepping to go to a convention in Atlanta with a couple of good friends who live there. There are a bunch of characters I want to cosplay as, such as Gundam Tanaka from Danganronpa, The Merchant from Resident Evil 4, Midorima from Kuroko’s Basket, Marco from Attack On Titan, Guts from Berserk, and Scott Lang (Ant-Man) from Marvel. There will probably more characters I’ll wish to cosplay as in the future.

There’s one thing that made me agree so much with the video and that’s the part where one of the speakers say ”Once they wear a mask, they feel like they can be themselves.” which is so darn true for me. When ever I wear a mask I feel as if I can fully be myself and not worry what anyone else thinks. Once my horse mask comes on I can be as goofy and hilarious as I want and not have someone judging me. I think it’s more on the anonymity side of things, no one can judge you when they don’t know how you actually look, and putting the mask on is like becoming the character ontop with the costume. It’s kind of hard to explain, there’s not much of anything to go into due to it lying more on the psychology side of things which I have no major knowledge of. All I know is that once that mask and costume comes on, I have become the character and I no longer fear what others think!

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