Final course reflection blog post

When I first signed up for this CT 101 class I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into .My main reason for taking  this class was because I needed an elective  credit to graduate. I took this class because it doesn’t have any relationship to my psychology major. I wanted to branch out and try a new course for once because I am so accustomed to taking courses where professors lecture all the time and students take notes and get tested based on what they learned. I thought that this class would be very different, interesting, fun, and creative. Honestly I really enjoyed taking this class because it was everything that I hoped that it would be. Taking this class was a wonderful learning experience for me because I got to be creative and forget about facts and theories.

I really liked doing the group work to create the sound for a silent video because all the students had the opportunity to collaborate, interact and work with one another. The thing that I value the most learning was learning to make GIFS. GIFS are fun and so easy to make. I really wished that we learned more skills and techniques that I can use in my everyday life such as editing photos. I wished that our professor could have put tutorials online showing us how to create a wide range of digital story techniques.

My future plans for my personal site is to shut down my website because I really don’t have any intentions of putting up more work . I mainly created this website because it was a necessity to have the website for this CT 101 course. I like having a website of my own to show the work that I have done through out the semester. Honestly I feel like if I keep my website I will be neglecting it because I am graduating college and have other obligations. I am really glad that I made a wise decision in taking this CT 101 course because it was a learning experience for me.

CT101 Digital Storytelling