Spot Reducing!

There is no such thing as spot reduction unless you’re getting liposuction! People use the idea of spot reduction to make them feel as though they only need to do a quarter of the work necessary for losing weight, and that just is not true. For those who do not know what spot reduction is, let me explain by giving an example.

My biggest insecurity is my thighs (it’s out of the bag phew!) everyone stores fat differently and mine happens to store in my thighs.My initial reaction would be to do 100 squats everyday, but all that would do is build muscle and not eliminate fat, now my thighs would be bigger instead of smaller. The only way for me to lose body fat is through full body cardio like running on the treadmill, or using the elliptical. I can’t choose where I wan’t my body to lose fat, I just have to stay dedicated to the process and know that I will see a change in my problem area.

Also know this. The place that your body stores the most fat is usually the last place to see reduction. Don’t be discouraged. Being educated on the topic helps you stay confident in your abilities to reach your goals!

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