Body Building vs. Weight Training

This post is directed specifically to women! Women are afraid of working out with weights from fear of gaining the stature of a body builder. I’m here to tell you that that will never happen unless you want it to happen. A body builder works endlessly towards having the bodies that they have. they achieve that body through tons of proteins, supplements, and even steroids. It’s impossible to just start lifting weights and obtain a body so sculpted. It’s impossible. Weight training is usually done after you’ve reached your desired weight goal. You may notice that you gain maybe 5 pounds back with weight training because you’re making your muscles more dense, so don’t feel as though you’re reverting back to gaining weight, you’re not. You’re gaining muscles. Don’t expect to get the abs you desire with just cardio. Cardio triggers fat while weights trigger muscles. I recommend you stay away from weight training or toning until you lose the weight you wanted because if you don’t muscles will build beneath the fat and you’ll only look bigger than you expected.

If you read my previous post on HIIT Cardio that is an alternative that combines weights with cardio and sometimes no weights just cardio. Try that out and you’ll end up toning while you lose weight without putting on too much muscles before burning fat.

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