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I hope that you are getting excited for the end of the semester –  As your final obligation for this course you will need two things by the final exam day – present your site and submit a final course reflection blog post.

For your presentation, you need only take about five minutes to introduce your site, describe its intention whether for digital storytelling posts and/or for a particular set purpose you established. You will also need to describe decisions you made to for the design and functionality of your site. If for any reason you cannot make it to the final exam day, you have the option of doing a screencast tour of your site with a narration. You will need to embed this in your final reflective post.

In your final post, you are welcome to post it to your personal site or directly to (if you don’t want the post on your personal site). There are a variety of things you could cover about your experience in the class and please feel free to use the opportunity to tell us what was important to you, what you learned, what you’d like to do differently, and/or what you wish the course instructor did differently. Also feel free to use reaction GIFs to support your narrative. 😉

Write about work you created: There are so many different GIFs, Designs, Videos, Writing, and innumerable other digital artifacts you worked on during the semester. Link to and describe a favorite project/post(s). Describe what you learned by doing it. What was frustrating? What did you wish you could do better? What directions do you think you continue to pursue in digital media as a result of this project process?

Write about your site:  For a review of technical decisions made, refer to this Ct 101 Site PDF you help with a walk through. You don’t need to cover everything in the document, but it does give you a feel for many of the possible decisions you made while working on your site.

Write about your future plans and feelings about why keep your site or not: Are you going to keep your account with Reclaim Hosting active? Keep the domain name? Keep the WP install and continue to update it? Or just keep the domain name and map it to a service like Tumblr? Also I’d like you to reconsider the value of having a ‘Domain of One’s Own‘ and managing your ‘Personal Cyberinfrastructure.’ Do either of these philosophical perspectives on the importance of understanding the foundation of the web’s infrastructure and using it as a reflection of good digital citizenship resonate more now?

Remember you must do a final presentation of your site and a final reflective blog post to receive a grade.


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