I have been seeing these cartoon versions of people for a while now. people have been creating little versions of themselves set in all these weird backgrounds. So I decided to look up the app everyone has been talking about.

The app? My Idol. the app takes a picture of your face and uses it to make a little mini-me. there are tons of clothes and shoes you can dress your “little you” up with, so they will be the spitting image of you. there are also backgrounds and settings for your doll. your little you will never get bored. Playing the drums, karaoke and doing karate are just some of the activities you will find your doll doing.


The only down side to this app is that if you don’t speak or read Chinese, it might be hard to get the hang of it. All the instructions in the app are in Chinese. This article by shows how to use the app, and translate all the buttons and functions into English.

Here is a hilarious video of a Youtuber acting out her real life portrayal of her My Idol avatar.


One thought on “MY IDOL”

  1. I have been seeing these on instagram quite a lot as of late. It looksquite interesting and kind of adorable in a way. Il ike the work you put into yours and props for making it through that Chinese text! As for myself I’m a indifferent on making my own cartoon version of myself, since I hate the way I look! If there was an App to make the anime version of myself I would probably do it on that! Other than that, nice work!

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