My haiku!

This week, I took on a writing assignment from Ds106 . The assignment is called “Haiku about you”, where it requires you to make a haiku about yourself. I used to love making up haiku poems back in the day so I thought it was a great assignment to do. However, I wanted to put a twist to it and make it interesting. I remixed the assignment with “Media bender”. In this case I had to present this assignment in another form of media. Therefore, I chose to make it a design project and made a college featuring pictures me behind the haiku. As usual, Pic Monkey was used to make the collage. The haiku briefly describes what is important to me in my life. Hope you all enjoy!


By pandagirlswag

20. Aspiring Music Producer/Entertainer. College Junior majoring in Coummunications Tech at York

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