GIFS Are The Future

I just finished watching another video from the reading list which is called ”Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium”. It talks about the evolution of GIFs and how it’s now a great art form that catches the eyes of many. I actually try my best to create top quality GIFs that are based on reactions or hilarious moments in movies/television/videogames. It’s something that can be used to communicate with other people and a way to express ourselves, it is a form of art just like the video said, which I totally agree with. It’s a kind of art that can grab attention and make connections with other people. Whether it be a hilarious GIF, a morbid GIF, or a plain out peaceful GIF, there are many kinds out there that can have an impact on us.

My absolute favourite that I discovered in the video is Cinemagraphs. There’s something so eerie, appealing, and just wonderful about them that I just can’t explain it. They really hit the nail on how it captures very specific moments in time that make us remember the great memories or see what others loved to do infinitely. I have tried making these kinds of GIFs but it’s extremely difficult and sometimes the instructions just causes a short fuse in my brain. I would really love to learn how to make one of these kinds of GIFs and use a certain location I just love visiting and make that infinite loop.

CT101 Digital Storytelling