Khorri Atkinson

By: Rabiul Arreef 

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Khorri Atkinson, a Jamaica native, York College Journalism senior, who was born in Ochorios, Jamaica and moved to  Brooklyn New York five years ago. He originally wanted to become a fashion designer but later on changed his mind to wanting to  become a journalist. This fire in his heart to become a journalist started when a great calamity struck in his home land, Jamaica. A child care for teenagers was burned down, and 7 adolescents passed away. The state claimed to take responsibility, and pay the parents back, but no actions were taken.

“I didn’t like how the press handle certain issues, they were very biased and didn’t hold the government accountable for certain things, I was always complaining, then my mother said to me, why don’t you do something about it. It was at that moment I decided to become a journalist.” said Atikinson. This catapulted him into the Journalisim world and Since then he has founded the York College Association of Black Journalist, published over 40 breaking news articles and just recently landed a paid internship at NBC.

Atkinsonalso  held a position as an intern at the Queens Chronocles where he was able to learn a lot about  journalism. The Queens Chronicle produces local breaking news stories once a week. While working with the Chronicle, Atkinson produced over 40 articles. Atkinson worked hard every day, producing 3 or 4 articles each week.

“I purposely did that because it was unpaid so I said ‘I have to get something out of this’. It prepared me to work with NBC.” Atkinson says that his work with the Chronicle prepared him for moving up the job latter. When he applied to NBC’s internship program where he is at now, he was able to use his best 5 stories and his networking skills to land him that spot.

Atkinson told all the young journalist a few lessons. journalists should network with people in the company by building relationships. Even when you’re unpaid to make the most out of it, it will prepare you for the future. Also, to remain active. “I never waited for my editor to give something to do. On weekends sometimes I always research story ideas and pitch story ideas to the editor, it shows your persistence and that’s a great characteristic to have as a journalist.” Atkinson is currently working on a story at NBC about the Selma march during the civil rights movement. We wish him the best of luck.

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