My Mediation Experience


Within a week I did something I only considered doing once in a while three times. I meditated. It actually takes a lot of focus and concentration to meditate. It helped a lot that the past week has been rainy and bleak. That’s the only time that I can meditate because to me I feel at my most relaxed when I’m in my house, my room has a slight chill and I can hear the rain cascading down onto the window sill. The first time that I meditated I went onto YouTube then searched “anxiety meditation,” I found this one of a lady’s voice talking me through my meditation. I searched anxiety meditation because I’ve been told by doctors that I suffer from anxiety on and off, it’s nothing severe but if I don’t figure out my stressors it can become severe. The lady on the recording spoke about letting any anxious behaviors and thoughts go and to focus on my breathing. I thought it was the perfect guided meditation because I tend to have tightness in my neck and chest when I start to get anxious and the breathing exercises worked really well for me.

The second time that I meditated last week I did a YouTube search again, this time I searched “guided meditation.” This time after I did my search, I found this video that was an hour long, of a man this time, who was really into the concept of meditation I found myself at my most relaxed during this meditation. The guy’s voice was surprisingly very soothing and he was talking about all sorts of things that I don’t know about, like “my third eye” and my “chi” and releasing any tension I had into the “ether.” Although I was confused, I was still so relaxed and in that moment I was relieved of all of my stress, and for some reason it made me really tired. It probably didn’t help the matter that I was on my back, laying down and meditating this time instead of sitting up. I fell asleep at he midpoint of the video and woke up feeling so rejuvenated. Did I mention that I’m never able to sleep during the day no matter the circumstance? Well, I fell asleep at two in the afternoon and it felt amazing.

The third and final time that I meditated last week, it was to the same guided meditation as the second time and. I was really determined to finish it. I didn’t want to fall asleep this time because I remembered that the instructor on the video was telling me to do something with my tension and pass it through my third eye or something like that (I’m probably really wrong about my interpretation of the meditation, but let’s just go with passing the tension through your third eye). This time I finished the guided meditation and I’m happy I did. It feels like a weight off of your shoulders when you’re at least temporarily relieved from stress. I’m going to meditate more often, maybe even every time that it rains. I love the feeling of relief, so I’m going to keep doing it.

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