“The Lion’s Cage”

Today in class we recreated sound for the Charlie Chaplin short film “The Lions Cage”. Although the film already had sounds, we recreated it as a class using the foley method. We were split up into groups and each group was given a piece of the film to work with. This method was effective, because it kept things organized by designating a group of people to a specific scene. Everyone had time to find props to create the sound for their scenes. The end product was great! Everyone used really unique sounds to achieve the sound that they were going for. In the end the recorded sound was pretty much fully in-sync with the movie! It came out awesome. Before we started the project we first watched a few videos learning about the foley method. Before watching the video it never occurred to me that the creators of old Disney movies had to man make sound as well using this method. I knew that they had to hand draw everything but I never put much thought into how they created the sounds. It was mind blowing to realize how much work truly went into the old movies that are now classics. Playing around with sound is something I can see my self experimenting more with in the future.

CT101 Digital Storytelling