My Happy Dance! in GIF form

The other ds106 assignment I completed was the Home Video Gif . You have to take a home video of your and make in to a gif. Ever since gifs became popular, it was something that I have always wanted to do but I wasn’t sure of how to do it. Thanks to programs such as Imgur and EzGif, I now know to make gifs of my own and all kind. Here is a gif ( created in EzGif) taken from my video called “Dance Party“. As seen below, this dance is know as my “happy dance”. I would also call it my signature dance move. Be sure to check out the full video and others on my entertainment youtube channel.



For some reason, The video url would not go through with Imgur. Therefore, I used EzGif but it seems that the gif does not play on its own. If you want to see it in motion, you must click on the image. If there is anyway to change this, I will definitely update. You can still enjoy my happy dance on the youtube page so all is not lost! YAY! *does the happy dance*

By pandagirlswag

20. Aspiring Music Producer/Entertainer. College Junior majoring in Coummunications Tech at York

CT101 Digital Storytelling