Creating a Website

For my English final we had to create a website mimicking another website, as stated in my previous post I decided to mimic the website which is a magazine website. I’ve completed that project, and it proved to be less difficult thant I thought it would be. We were allowed to use a platform to create our site I used the platform which was very customizable, making the task of the layout design simpler than I thought it would be. Although writing the content proved to be the most difficult part of this assignment, I enjoyed writing the content and mimicking the magazine writing style, overall it was an enjoyable experience. I know that many people use platforms like wix and wordpress to create their websites, but I wonder how it is to create your very own website from scratch. I hope one day to explore that process. This is my finished website Emma Rose and this is the website I’ve decided to mimic, Marie Claire.



CT101 Digital Storytelling