After Effects

For my FA284 final assignment we have to create a short 15 second animation using adobe aftereffects. The project is a working progress right now, there are still a lot of things that I’m still working on. Adobe After Effects is incredibly cool it allows you to piece together various images and incorporate movement among those images, allowing you to animate them. For this class we had to create a character (I created a turtle) and we had to use that character to create a product using 3 different programs. We used Photoshop and Illustrator already (which are both posted on this site :) and lastly, we are using After Effects to create a short, simple animation. After Effects is different from the other two programs because neither of those sites allowed us to take images and add movement to them. This assignment is very difficult for me. I’ve never used After Effects before and although I’ve tried to make the animation as simple as possible as recommended by the professor, I’m still having a hard time trying to get my images to do what I want them too. I’ve faced various problems where I set a part of my image to move, but it doesn’t come out exactly how I want it too. It took me roughly two hours to create my character and then arrange its body parts so that it is standing. The project is due in 2 weeks (which will probably be the longest two weeks of my life!) I’ll post it when it’s complete!


CT101 Digital Storytelling