What’s in Your Pockets?

If most of us are a blend on the personality spectrum, my backpack is indicative of the wild side in Mandeep Singh. The contents are basically a compilation of white, white, white, white pages in the confines of my black bag. Relax, they have that one green friend.

I wonder, would I have recognized this mayhem if The Daily Create prompt me to take a look inside my bag?

What else?

I also have 4 plush animals, dogs and cats, maybe that’s the reason all the papers are crumbled?

Wait, is that a folder? Nope, just a $200 text rental place holding, since who knows how long!(which is actually due in two weeks)


Hi everyone! I hope you liked my abstract take on an assignment I found on the ds106.us site. It was basically to write a story about whatever you use to carry your stuff.

CT101 Digital Storytelling