Youtube bigger than EVER!

Reading Prompt

So I was floating down our spring feed today and I seen a blog post by a fellow poster that caught my eye. It was about the youtube revolution. Anyone who knows me knows I spend more time watching youtube then TV. Lately youtubers have been going to immeasurable  heights in along  time. Some youtubers are like celebrities now, they are being rushed at malls and are on TV like Grace helbig, the fine bros, Latoyaforever, Jenna Marbles and Tyler Oakley. I feel like TV recruiters bring  youtubers to TV because they see how much of a bigger following the youtube community has and they want to bring some of  those fans back for bigger ratings. Now a days  you do not have to be discovered, you can make yourself  famous by just posting up your content free of charge. This is  probably why people are more gravitational to youtube then TV.


CT101 Digital Storytelling