II Pottery Painting II

I’d like to take the time to recommend a trip, for anyone interested, to “Earth Arts” in Long Beach, NY (Full Address: 162 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561). Looking for an activity for a friend and I to do for her birthday, I came across this store for canvas painting, pottery painting, and a few others. To anyone looking to become better at painting, “Earth Arts” offers classes. My friend and I chose to paint pottery and we enjoyed ourselves. One of the great things about art is that it can put in a calm state of mind when focused on it. My friend was so caught up in her painting that, afterwards, she laughingly told me that she forgot I was with her at one point. When finished with paintings, the store puts their finishing touches on the potteries and calls on the day that they are ready for pickup.




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  1. Very cool to showcase this place and the work you did. Do they have a site you could link too? And think about making images a bit smaller for the web before uploading. Ask in class about this if you need help!

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