Public Appearance

For this response assignment I read this article about controlling your public appearance by Danah Boyd. The internet is a very public place, things that you don’t want could be associated with your name by a simple google search. This article accepts the fact that privacy on the internet is lost, but it tells us how we can still preserve our public image. Although nothing is private on the internet anymore, this article still recommends that we share our thoughts and feelings with the world through blogging and social media. By being an active member of the internet and by constantly using it our old posts will be pushed back and our new ones brought forward. When you decide to join a social media you are voluntary signing up for the account but that doesn’t mean that you want all of your photos from Facebook to come up if someone google your name. The article suggests that you should try to preserve as much privacy as you can by taking advantage of privacy settings on social media so that your information isn’t available on a simple google search. You should also only post things that you would be comfortable with other people seeing because you never know who will come across your profile. I always google myself every so often just to see what comes up, and I see links to youtube videos that I’ve liked in the past I’ve also been seeing things on Pinterest that I’ve liked. Although I have no problem being associated with these things I wish I had known that I was going to be associated with them, It makes me wonder if I changing my name on these sites would stop those images from being associated with my real name. I’ve also been noticing that the content on my website for this class shows up as well. The website itself shows up on the second page of my google web search but you can see the images on google images. Although I would prefer to pick and choose what shows up through a public search I know that I can’t and I’ll just have to be mindful of what I post from here on out!.

CT101 Digital Storytelling