After todays class I realized that I’ve been public archiving and I didn’t even know it. By adding hashtags to my Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts I’m contributing to their archives. I’ve never heard of social bookmarking tools like Diigo, I didn’t know that they existed before, but now that I do I will defiantly look into them, they provide an easier was to organize online information. I don’t have a personal collection of things that I would want to set up as a public archive but I think that its a great idea that can serve to be useful to other people who are interested in the same thing. Although I don’t have an archive I know that I’ve been using other peoples. Sometimes when I search things such as hairstyles or celebrity news I come across sites from people who archive that information which aids me in my task so thank you to all my public archivers out there!

CT101 Digital Storytelling