My Top Five Vacation Destinations

So I just got home from the hospital and I quickly came on here to get my creative juices flowing. So I went on the ds106 assignments and chose this quite interesting assignment for creating a collage of my top five favourite vacation destinations. Although these aren’t your typical vacation destinations, these are my favourite personal ones. The first one (From left to right) is Pripyat, Ukraine, you know where Chernboyl is at? That place is so abandoned I just want to explore it.~ The one below that is Walled City, China. It’s basically a bunch of homes put together with very narrow pathways. In the next colmun at the top is Harunda Japan, a man made island that’s has for ever since been abandoned, perfect place to shoot some creepy videos.~ Below that is this abandoned water park in Russia, sadly I can’t find the name. And the very last one is Centrelia, PA aka the real Silent Hill. Perfect places to explore and/or spend the night in for me.~

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  1. Hey there rake I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your collage. Your top five vacation destination spots are very interesting because you choose unique places to visit. For me personally I would like to visit the Caribbean Islands ,

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