Use of a Site?

The idea of a student having their own domain and online “identity”, after listening to Groom their were salient points which I feel were not fully addressed. The thought of every freshmen arriving into college and being given a voluntary option of a website of their own, is attractive and my general preface is the pros far out-weight deltas. But under the context of launching an initiative as macro, across whole universities, is being discussed; they are important.

My Issues

  • The expansive idea is somewhat invasive of impressionable students who haven’t truly molded their individual identities, let alone a new harbinger of an online presence. Consideration given to the bevy of irresponsible content and actions captured and uploaded from even the most accredited colleges, there is a genuine concern as to the safety and overall privacy if such an idea was rolled out.
  • Once begun, and the scale, even if voluntary, consumes a sizable portion of the school; Can said school confirm the security of students. I need not delve into the routine incidents of stalking, and offense which occur to peoples online, do we really need to give an online, public, address for this abuse to be quickly sifted to?
  • Multiple perspectives are somewhat neglected here. At the end of the day, the majority of students are interested in ventures which will generally secure the best and brightest of futures through the vein of college. It is a time to work hard, study, and become socialized in professionalism, not to be held towards some obligation in a website handed to them day one.

 The Counter-Argument and Rebuttal

Q. Is there a problem is it is a voluntary option?

Yes, think about it, as incoming freshmen are adapted to the workings of college, it is reasonable to assume if a biased presentation on this manner is delivered; Students will take up the opportunity, leading to unintended consequences. Also, if students who begin, don’t continue with the efforts of posting and updating content, where exactly is the funding for this thing going?

Q. Isn’t the world going towards this trend anyway? It is a monumental skill and portfolio to have.

Yes, this is true, and forums such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc, already serve to promote the interests of students. Students can create data, and directly show a much larger audience than university course-ware may inherently allow. As for skill building, I would contest most professions require much more than a “me” portfolio, rather glance onto the experiences and instances of collaborative achievement.

My Coursework and Expectations

 I will post anything which I’ve taken some effort in assembling. The name itself, stems from the peacock or Morni in Punjabi.

It is the most serene and royal of animals I’ve seen and would like to think a touch of such elegance will be brought into this website.

I’ve essentially allocated this web-space to three domain; Stuff I like, Stuff I made, and Stuff I Said. Written presentation will be under the third tag. Visual displays will follow the second, with general happenings within the web on the first.

This site is just a trial of my imagination and would like to express what ever on it.

CT101 Digital Storytelling