So, I finally got around to reading the advice of CT 399 students. The creative procrastination piece spoke to me. Apparently I was not just procrastinating…there is a name for that . I knew I had to complete this assignment, but I kept completing smaller projects that would take less time and less commitment. After reading the advice I don’t feel so bad, but I understand that the idea is to keep working. The idea of keeping the site going is a terrific idea. Right now I just put a little of everything (medley) on it, but I am trying to zero in on my interest. Pertinent to the was my understanding that I must do the following things below:

  1. Maintain my domain,  site, and my web hosting account. It is easy to do this after this site because reclaim hosting sends you an email reminder. I should renew and not procrastinate so I can continue to post and maintain my site.
  2. Keep adding work to my site. I have to keep adding work and in doing that, I realized that I have to challenge myself by attempting more complex projects.
  3. What I make outside of class is as important as what I make for class. I need to work more outside the classroom, this would take discipline on my part…I just can’t seem to have enough time in the day. However, I am willing to try.
  4. I Must Take responsibility for my work, develop sustainable working habits. This is probably the most important one to consider and I actually have to come up with ideas to support this more extensively.

So, there are a number of things I must change to catapult my success in the digital community. I am willing to give it a try!

CT101 Digital Storytelling