Becoming the Librarian


Last week you were asked to consider responding to advice from CT 399 students about your work in this class. One of the prompts to consider under the “constructive procrastination” list was to think about bookmarking, tagging, and archiving as a creative productive act. I’d like you to view my post about collections as archives and my Diigo bookmark links tagged ‘archive.’ From these I have two reflection posts you can consider –––

  • Find an archive from my set or one of you find on your own that is interesting to you. In a blog post embed an artifact from that artifact and describe why it and the archive is interesting to you. Do a little research on the artifact and give it some context. Find something you didn’t know about it and describe that as well.
  • What public archiving habits might you develop? Are there social bookmarking tools like or you might like to try out? Or maybe another tool? Try to transfer your bookmarks on your computer and add tags, edit titles. Or consider taking a personal collection and putting up online as a public archive. It can be a simple Flickr photo album, a Tumblr aggregation of a particular interest, a Youtube set of likes for a particular purpose. Describe your experiments with public archiving in a blog post and share your work.
  • Digital Storytelling Prompt – Consider using an artifact from an archive and using it for a bit of remix! There’s a great DS106 assignment from a few years back that is still popular which asks you to rework the message of a propaganda poster into one for this class. I made one a few years back. But consider any of the techniques and tools previously used to make something from the archives.

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