What I collect over the years… has actually become a new thing in my life.

Every summer I like to travel to different places. I’ll post up pictures in chronological order according to the years.

Here is the time I went to Israel. I must say that Israel is  a beautiful place. People there care for one another. I felt connected to the people and the land. The land felt peaceful. The weather was amazing when I was there. Whoever is interested in becoming more spritual then you must visit this holy land. Once your there, you won’t want to leave the land, it has the most ancient buildings, landmarks, stones,etc. Safety comes first:don’t forget to carry water with  you everywhere cause you will definately feel dehydrated from too much “vitamin D”.

Summer of 2013:10577_10151804358147591_1646902952_n

I can’t recall the exact place this was, but the view was amazing. From that location I saw most of the land. As you know the land is very small, yet it has many people  live there.

Here is the time I went to Florida, Cruise to Bahamas, and the Caribbean Island. The time I went it was mostly raining so I didn’t get to enjoy my stay in Orlando, Florida, as much as I wanted to. I didn’t go to  Disney World. However, I enjoyed the cruise because they had a casino, club, comedy club, and many different activities that kept me smiling. When I came to the Caribbean Island, I didn’t want to leave because it was calm and relaxing. I would suggest it to many of my friends that were looking into a honeymoon spot. Here is a picture of me at bonfire event that took place on one of the days I was there:

Summer of 2014:



There is more stay tuned…to be continued

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  1. Omg you’re so lucky I always wanted to go to Israel I think the culture is just so fascinating and just a lovely country.

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